Vicki Bentley

Sanira Toilet Brush System

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The Sanira System is produced from environmentally friendly raw materials and combines toilet brush, caddy and self-dispensing cleaning solution all in one. The non-poisonous, non- corrosive, vegetable-based cleaning solution is safe for septic systems and biodegrades within 48 hours. The brush is made without cavities, reducing the chance of bacteria remaining in crevices. Solution lasts approximately one year when used once a week.

350 ml / 11.8 fl. oz.

Refill, 450 ml / 14.4 fl. oz


Chemical toilet bowl cleaners can be messy, and they’re harsh on the environment. In addition, the bristle brushes of most toilet scrubbers can harbor bacteria. And because there’s not a lot of storage space in most bathrooms, you often have to search for the brush and cleaner when you need them.


The Sanira Toilet Brush System combines cleaning solution, scrub brush and caddy all in one. The effective, non-toxic cleaning solution is easy on the environment, and the self-dispensing design eliminates messy spills. Plus, the stylish caddy can be stored conveniently next to the commode so you never need to hunt for your toilet-cleaning tools again!